Chaoan Baishun Food Co.,Ltd

         Baishun Food Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983, has been gradually developed into a set of food development, production and management in one of the larger food companies.

    The company now has more than 8000 square meters modern workshop, advanced imported production equipment, rich production experience, strong. Specialized production and operation of rice puffed food. Products from the finest raw materials, traditional craft with modern technology, combined with stylish packaging, "Lin Baishun" series of food has been well received by the consumers love the products sold in the country.

        ☆ 2003 years, by the National Quality Inspection Center and the China National Food Industry Association to review, "says Lin Baishun" brand puffed food products being identified as "national food quality and safety of full compliance";

        ☆ 2004 years, was named Chaozhou Health Bureau, Food Sanitation grade "A-level units";

        ☆ 2006, the company obtained "National Industrial Products Production Permit" (QS certification), certification number: QS4451 1201 0529


Name: Baishun Food Co., Ltd.

Add: 3 Third Road,Qiaolin Dike Outside Industrial Zone, Chaoan, Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, China 515638

Tel: +86 768 6669841

QQ: 625211656



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